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when will online sports betting be legal in delaware


Following the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Professional and Amateur Sports Safety Act of 1992, Delaware became the first state to legalize online sports betting in June 2018. This was the initial state to do so outside of Nevada. The state’s three retail sports betting cater to a mature clientele, allowing them to place bets on specific games and parlays. Age verification is required, with customers needing to be at least 21 years old.

Can I legally gamble on online sports betting in Delaware?


Since 2018, an online sport betting has been fully legalized in the state of Delaware. It is still necessary to personally visit a Delaware location, similar to adjacent Maryland, to place bets. However, Delaware has not yet made any announcements regarding the legalization of mobile betting, unlike Maryland. As a result, individuals interested in using their phones for betting will need to travel to either Pennsylvania or New Jersey, which are conveniently located nearby.

Could you please provide information on the legal online sports betting sites available in Delaware?

Nowadays, and in the future, Delaware will not offer any online gambling platforms. If a website that claims to accept bets from Delaware decides to withhold your winnings, you may find yourself in a vulnerable position. It seems that their credibility is questionable or they may be an offshore site without legal standing in the US. Well-known online sports betting applications such as DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, or Caesars currently do not offer mobile betting in Delaware, so users will need to travel to place their bets.

European online sports betting and the importance of legal regulations

Germany has a legal system that can be quite intricate. Authorities in Germany consistently revise their gambling rules, which can be intricate and encompass a range of guidelines at both the federal and state levels. The increasing legalization of online live sports betting presents a tremendous opportunity for operators. However, there are occasions when even this field can be challenging.

In April 2020, the Administrative Court of Darmstadt put a halt to the licensing process following a legal challenge regarding the method of granting online sports betting licenses. A planned entry into the German market by an Austrian operator was hindered by a complaint regarding transparency. In 2016, a similar situation occurred, where certain sports betting offers were allowed to operate due to legal uncertainty.

The implementation of the new German Interstate Treaty on Gambling is anticipated to occur in July 2021. As a result, it was widely believed that the issue would remain unresolved until that time. However, the Hessian Administrative Court overturned the decision of the lower court on October 12, 2020, allowing permits to be issued once more. Despite the overall positive direction of the legal environment, this particular case highlights the unpredictable nature of German legislation. However, operators need to be mindful of the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling, which will introduce advertising restrictions and impose further limitations on in-play betting.


Many individuals question the compatibility of nations like Sweden and Hungary, which maintain a single government monopoly on gambling, with the freedom to offer assistance or start a business that the EU guarantees. While the Union does not explicitly condemn these systems, most rulings from the EU Court of Justice tend to favor the broadening of the betting market.

The Netherlands is a country that has recently embraced more open betting markets. The country’s monitored internet gaming sector is scheduled to launch in 2021, as announced by the Kansspelautoriteit. Officials have reported that more than a hundred individuals have shown interest in applying for a license. The outcome for other European countries remains uncertain.

Online Sports Betting Options for Delaware Residents


Delaware residents have a long-standing tradition of participating in online sports betting. Delaware has a long-standing history of permitting legal sports betting and has recently broadened its range of gaming options. Delaware was quick to embrace the legality of both local and national sports betting. Sporting events in Delaware are highly regarded, attracting spectators from neighboring states. Delaware’s sports betting websites cater to bettors of all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can find what they’re seeking. Now is an excellent time to enhance your knowledge of sports betting in DE, with an abundance of opportunities to place wagers on online sports betting.

Given the evolving nature of online sports betting in Delaware, it is understandable that locals may still have questions and concerns about the topic. Although you may have some knowledge of the “Assessor and Amateur Sports Protection Act,” it’s possible that you haven’t fully grasped its specific impact on our state. We can provide insights into readers’ interest in discovering more about the state’s selections for online sports betting. For residents of Delaware looking to gain more knowledge about online sports betting, please continue reading.

The Future of Sports Betting in Delaware: A Look Ahead

Delaware’s strong position in the field of legal sports betting suggests a promising future lies ahead. The state’s sports betting revenue has shown consistent growth since June 2018, following Governor John Carney’s approval of the industry.

Endorsement from the Governor regarding Sports Betting

The support of Governor John Carney ensures that sports betting in Delaware is well-regarded and endorsed. He has consistently expressed his support for the sports betting sector and took action by signing the measure that allowed it in the state. Stating that sports gaming is a significant source of revenue for Delaware, and emphasizing its commitment to providing a secure, enjoyable, and convenient betting experience for the public, the individual made the following remark:

What are the legal methods of betting in Delaware?

Engaging in sports betting in Delaware offers a truly exceptional experience. Moreover, you have the freedom to place bets on sports teams or events outside of your state. Delaware allows for sports betting on a wide range of national and international sporting events, providing ample opportunities for enthusiasts to place their bets.

Delaware may not be known as a sports franchise hotspot, but its strategic location near neighboring states makes it a prime choice for teams from the surrounding region. When it comes to sports, there are plenty of options for locals to support in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Philadelphia in order areas.

The Washington Football Team is one of the franchises, alongside the Ravens of Maryland and the team from Philadelphia. Delaware offers a wide range of betting options. The sportsbooks at Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and Hutchinson will Raceway Casino offer a wide range of betting options for motorsports, football, mixed martial arts, boxing, and other popular sports.

Delaware’s laws of daily fantasy sports betting sets it apart from other jurisdictions. Different states have taken varying approaches to the regulation of DFS, resulting in a somewhat uncertain status for the industry in the country.

Are online sports bets legal in Delaware?

Certainly! Delaware has legalized online sports betting. After the US Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn a federal ban on sports betting in Delaware in 1992, the state took the lead in establishing a comprehensive and legal sports betting working in June 2018.


As a result, venues such as Harrington’s Research Raceway & Casino, Dover Downs The Resort & Casino, and Delaware Park racino were able to successfully launch their sports betting.

Furthermore, Delaware introduced internet sports betting in August of 2019. The app of the Delaware Lottery, available on the Player’s Club website or the App Store, now provides a wide range of betting options for players in the state.

This app offers a wide range of options for live wagers on collegiate and professional sports, including point spreads, money lines, parlays, and teasers. Customers must have an approved player’s card stipulated by the Delaware Lottery and be physically located within the state when spacing their wagers.

Most Popular Sports in Delaware

Residents of the Diamond State remain dedicated to supporting their local clubs, even in the absence of a major league presence. Many residents of Delaware opt to support Philadelphia sports teams such as the Eagles and 76ers due to the proximity of Wilmington, the state’s most populous city, which is just 30 miles away.

When online betting is established in Delaware, you will have the opportunity to wager on a variety of sports and more, even if it is not yet available.


Depending on your location in Delaware, you may find yourself cheering for either the Eagles of Pennsylvania or the Ravens in Baltimore during the football season that spans four months. Both clubs have achieved notable success in their respective leagues. The Eagles, unfortunately, fell short by three points against the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, resulting in a second-place finish. Regarding the Ravens, they emerged victorious in the Super Bowl in 2012, marking their second championship in their history. Their first triumph came in 2000.


Delaware residents are passionate supporters of the NBA, despite the absence of a team based in their state. In the Slower Lower, the majority of individuals support the Washington Wizards, while in the northern part of the state, the majority of individuals support the Philadelphia 76ers. The Blue Coats, affiliated with the Sixers, have been named the winners in 2023 as the NBA G League representatives for Delaware. If you’re interested in supporting a state club, they are worth considering.

Major League Baseball

Once again, the citizens of the First State show their support for the Phillies of Pennsylvania and the Orioles from Baltimore, two of their closest rivals in Major League Baseball. Both have experienced a mix of successes and challenges over the years, with the former proudly celebrating World Series wins. The city of Wilmington Blue Rocks is the amateur baseball team that Delawareans can support.


Hockey may not be the most widely embraced activity in Delaware, but the state’s dedicated enthusiasts continue to show their unwavering support for the Flyers. The Washington Capitals are highly regarded by individuals residing in the southern regions. The Flyers have been unable to secure the Stanley Cup for almost fifty years, whereas the Capitals’ victory in the 2017-18 season positions them as a potentially more formidable choice at present. Nevertheless, the playoffs remain within reach for both teams.

Horse Racing

Although not commonly associated with horse racing, the state of Delaware does have its fair share of action in this sport. The Delaware Park A handicap and the Robert G. Dick Dedicated Stakes are widely recognized as two of the most esteemed races hosted at Delaware Park. Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway, on the other hand, regularly hold harness racing events. In addition, residents of Delaware have the opportunity to place bets on sporting events in person at any of these three organizations.

Can I Use My Mobile Device To Place a Bet on Sports in Delaware?

Given how common cell phones are for managing our daily lives and accessing multimedia recreation, it makes sense that mobile-ready sports betting software from reputable online sports betting companies would also be available.

Since many mobile betting apps are web-based, your device usually doesn’t need to download anything. The majority of contemporary gaming websites have made their sites mobile-friendly, negating the need for downloaded applications. You may get the same content from your PC as well as your mobile device by just utilizing the browser to visit their website.


Delaware legalized online sports betting in June 2018, following the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Act. The state’s retail betting platforms cater to mature clients, requiring age verification.

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